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Let Dr. Bhakta work with you to make a plan of success.  The first step to successful treatment is a designed plan by a professional.

Reverse Diabetes, Dementia, and Chronic Illness

The National Institutes of Health considers lifestyle intervention/personalized care the frontline for treating many chronic illnesses. In this model, physicians work closely with the patient and coordinate specialists and experts (such as nutritionists) to match the individual with a unique treatment protocol. Patients become partners in their own care rather than passive recipients [1].

While conventional medicine adds prescriptions to manage symptoms, personalized care acts on the root causes and can actually reverse illness.

Reversing Diabetes

In the United States, over 80 million adults suffer pre-diabetes. Although the condition can be reversed through diet and exercise, 70% of these pre-diabetics will develop full-blown type 2 diabetes [2]. Most do not have the expertise, experience, or even motivation to actively monitor and reverse illness. There are many variables to consider; even vitamin D3 has been correlated to pre-diabetic and diabetic outcomes [3].

 We do possess the power to reverse diabetes. A 2016 study in the Journal of Diabetes Research and Therapy reports that diet, exercise, drugs, and lifestyle factors can effectively regulate and reverse type 3 diabetes and the accelerated aging associated with chronic illness [4]. The metabolic abnormalities of muscle insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes can be normalized through energy restriction [5]. Unfortunately, lifestyle changes and routines are not easy to integrate.

Medication non-adherence in type 2 diabetes may be as high as 65% in the first year of treatment – in other words, patients have a very difficult time managing their own treatment. This impairs optimal glycemic control and illness outcomes [6]. The use of a digital device to help patients manage diabetes has been seen to reduce hemoglobin A1c and improve glycemic control [7]. Personalized, full-time care and accountability results in exponential magnitudes of improvement.

Reversing Dementia

Specialized care and treatment may slow symptoms and even reverse dementia in certain cases. Targeting causative factors can help with dementia prevention.

Anxiety has been linked to cognitive decline and dementia [8]. Low plasma apolipoprotein E is also correlated to dementia [9]. Other potential causative factors (other than genetic inheritance) include inflammation, vitamin and dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, vascular disorder, depression, social activity, diabetes, and alcohol/drug use [10].

Healing diabetes, inflammation, and other causative conditions may facilitate a reverse in dementia. Meticulous testing and monitoring, coupled with regimented lifestyle changes, can help fight this illness. Medications can be used alongside ancillary therapies to slow intellectual decline. Stimulation of cognitive functions (through psychotherapy), for example, improves cognition in dementia patients [11].

Personalized Physician Care

Most physicians treat upwards of 5,000 patients at a time, making individual advocacy impossible. Patients with chronic illness are seen for 5-10 minutes after waiting weeks or months on a quadruple-booked list. Then they are sent to fend for themselves.

 With personalized physician care, the physician is available 24/7 with long appointments and house calls requiring little-to-no notice. With a limited practice of roughly 150 patients, the physician can tailor and coordinate care down to the minutest details, including the entire spectrum of lifestyle and medical factors. The patient wins a true partner in the journey to conquer their condition.

With a personal health coordinator, specialist care, hospital care, travel medicine service, and the full-blown dedication of an expert physician, patients are empowered to root out the causes of their illness. This is the key to reversing chronic illness.

Membership benefits

-House calls*
-Same-day/next-day appointments*
-Practice limited to 150 patients total
-Physician access 24 hours a day/7 days a week*
-House calls/workplace visits
-Comprehensive annual executive physical examination*
-Coordination of specialist care
-Coordination of hospital care
-Appointments within 24 hours*
-Appointments as long as necessary
-Preventative care
-No waiting room time*
-Personal health coordinator*
-Crisis care management and support*
-Travel medicine services*
-Prescription facilitation*

*Exclusive benefits. The annual membership fee covers only the listed exclusive benefits. Regular benefits are services provided by Dr. Bhakta which are covered by insurance or medicare